Vivian Maier Dorothea died in 2009 without knowing what she had done. For forty years, she portrayed the life that unfolded before her in the Chicago of the 1950s. Formally she was a nanny in charge of several children who walked tirelessly, but she was a hidden photographer. An artist disguised with an alibi that allowed her to hit its lens a few centimetres of the everyday. We didn't know it until 2010, when a collector found her job by chance and took 120,000 negatives at auction. How is posible that no one, not even her, realized the value of their work? The best galleries of the world scramble today to exhibit their work. They compare her with Henri Cartier-Bresson and the greats of contemporary street photography. Her style was with her, but has left a trail of inspiration that will take years to dry. 

The story of Vivian is really many creators that life are going without showing it. When they can, they tear up a while to their routine and dedicate it to the creative process. They work at night, in solitude, without being aware that there are many like them, hidden. They are part of a community that transcends them and are unaware of it. During the day, they look like ordinary citizens. They do not dare to call themselves artists in public and the possibility of exposing your work seem as remote as Saturn. 

Are painters, photographers, illustrators, designers, cartoonists. Walltic want to take them out of the Cabinet through an alternate circuit away from conventional places where art is exhibited inaccessible and impenetrable. The walls of selected hotels and restaurants will serve as Gallery in a pairing between the dining experience and the cultural and leisure activities. 

Text: Macarena Gutiérrez

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